Always. Always sharp when it comes to Eddie Redmayne.

Here he is with fiancée Hannah Bagshawe in New York last night at the premiere of The Theory Of Everything for which, right now, he’s looking pretty good for a Best Actor nomination. I keep telling you he deserves it. And when you see the film on November 7th, you’ll understand. We are now four months away from Oscar. Right now, most people still think Michael Keaton has the advantage for Birdman and so he should. But you know what? I feel like Eddie would just be happy with the invitation. Like, I’m not sure he would go in thinking, “I could really do this” like Jonah Hill. Then again, actors being actors, and so insecure, maybe what they all think is that “this will never happen to me again, IT HAS TO BE NOW”.

How can you say that to yourself when you’re sitting across the aisle from Michael Keaton though?