As Sarah just wrote in the Chris Evans article before this, it’s time to solicit favour with the awards boards now. And, well, they say it’s never hard to solicit favour with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. They nominated The Tourist and Jennifer Love Hewitt for Christ’s sake.

So here are Eddie Redmayne and Robert Pattinson presenting together last night at the HFPA’s grants banquet. Redmayne is hoping for Best Actor consideration for his work in The Theory Of Everything, playing Stephen Hawking. His performance looks amazing. I posted the trailer the other day – click here for a refresher. Pattinson delivered solid work in The Rover and has been very vocal about wanting to be taken seriously as a proper thespian after all that business with Twilight.

It’s not like Pattinson has never been to an awards show; they ask him to present all the time. But he never gets to go while attached to a quality picture. So you could say this is new for him. And he’s clearly happy to be invited to the game. Maybe too happy. You know the last time I saw that happy sheen on someone’s face it was Zac Efron.