Eddie feeling better

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 21, 2013 23:03:47 February 21, 2013 23:03:47

Eddie Redmayne arrived in LA yesterday with ... a lot of luggage. Given that he’s been the best dressed man so far during award season, this is understandable. He needs his gear. Let the man have his gear. Last time we heard from Eddie Redmayne he was throwing up at the BAFTAs. Happily he’s made a full recovery. This boy can’t afford to lose much weight, if any at all.

Eddie, obviously, is here for the Oscars. He’ll be performing alongside his Les Miserables castmates so we’ll get to see his lip quiver again. I’ve been wondering about the girlfriend, Hannah Bagshawe, who seems to be totally absent from the circuit. I’ve been looking too -- every time there are photos, I check to see the periphery, see if she’s there in the background, just not focused on by photographers. If I’ve missed her, I apologise. But if this is the case, and she indeed hasn’t been around, does that have something to do with how the teens have taken to him?

Wenn, Jason Kempin/ Getty

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