Eddie Redmayne, the human equivalent of the puppy who most wants to be adopted, also turned up at the MTV Movie Awards, to debut the first trailer from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Holy sh*t, you guys. It looks GREAT. It’s not like we had any reason to believe it would be otherwise, but even expecting something in the vein of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts looks, well, fantastic. Magic speakeasies! Phoenixes! Colin Farrell and his undercut! And Redmayne, who OF COURSE belongs in the Wizarding World, as Newt Scamander, with his A+ coat game and suitcase of curious critters.

You know why Fantastic Beasts looks so amazing? Because it’s BRAND NEW. We’re all just now learning this corner of the Wizarding World. We’re discovering it for the first time, no one has read ahead. No one can spoil the ending or explain some minutiae or theorize the next adventure before we’ve even gone on this one. You can go to Pottermore and pick up some background trivia, but the story is one we’ll hear for the first time, together. Everything is a wonderful surprise.