Eddie Redmayne was front row at the Alexander Wang H&M Collection launch in New York last night. (Sasha was there too, covering it for etalk. I was jealous. Wang is… goddamn, he is something to look at. The clothes, sure. But his FACE!)

If I’m a designer, Eddie Redmayne is at the top of the list of male celebrities I’d want to be there. No explanation needed. He may be colour-blind, but he’s not style blind. Eddie always knows what he’s doing. So, yes, front row for sure. And besides, this award season, that might be his usual position. At this point in the Oscar race, most critics seem to agree that he has a Best Actor nomination locked down for his performance in The Theory Of Everything. No objection here. I saw the film at TIFF. He’s… OMG… he’s extraordinary. You think his best friend Andrew Garfield will campaign for him?