Was just talking about Eddie Redmayne in the Brie Larson post earlier. And here he is. Well, here he was a couple of weeks ago (these photos are from September 26 but for some reason just released now) in London with his wife Hannah apparently house hunting. If they find something I’m not sure they’re really going to be able to spend all that much time there until next year.

The Danish Girl will be released November 27. He’ll likely start promoting it soon. And if it’s anything like last year, since he is, once again, being considered a top contender for Best Actor, there will be screenings and all kinds of other campaign events. That is, if he wants to. That said, why wouldn’t he? Why wouldn’t he want to be the first to go back to back since Tom Hanks. As you know, right now they’re saying it’s Eddie and Leo and Johnny in the race. Johnny claims he doesn’t give a sh-t and if you believe him then it’d be between Eddie and Leo. And you KNOW Leo wants it. That he’ll be leaning on whatever connections he can to get it.

Speaking of Tom Hanks though, he too is now part of the conversation now that Bridge Of Spies is receiving strong reviews. There’s probably no one more popular within the Academy than Tom Hanks. And it’s a Steven Spielberg movie. And it’s about war. So… like…automatic nomination, practically.