Eddie Redmayne played tennis with some other celebrities at the Rally Against Cancer charity match at the AEGON Championships in London the other day. I kept looking at this shot of him thinking it was a two hand forehand, evidence of my right hand bias. Because when I asked my husband Jacek, a leftie, to help me figure out why Eddie was hitting a two hand forehand, he told me I was an idiot. That he wasn't hitting with a two hand forehand, he's just left-handed. Jacek, by the way, is a leftie at everything except for golf. Are you lefties out there like that too? Leftie most of the time but not all the time?

Anyway, for those of you who are interested, Eddie was there with his girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe. Also, he drank Pimms as a refreshment in between sets. I love Pimms. Pimms always reminds me of Jilly Cooper.

In other Eddie news, according to Deadline, he will soon be confirmed to star in Theory Of Everything playing... Stephen Hawking, holy sh-t. The story focuses on Hawking and his relationship with his wife. They’re comparing it to the kind of performance DDL threw down in My Left Foot. It’s a great opportunity for him.

And it’s a great opportunity for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Twi-Hards to work themselves into a rage. Cumberbatch played Hawking on television. Cumberbatch and Redmayne are friends. Now go read the random ass comment below the Deadline report from a fan who apparently thinks Redmayne taking on the role is an insult to Cumberbatch and a breach of their friendship. Amazing, right?