Again, I’m sure Eric Bana will do an adequate, even a fine job, in the film adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife. But like so many of you who feel so strongly about the book, Eric just isn’t quite my Henry DeTamble in the mind’s eye. Not exactly original but for me, there are only 2: Edward Norton or Christian Bale. And seeing these photos of Christian with his wife last week at the premiere of Rescue Dawn, I now wish badly it could have been Christian.

A body lean and spare, the most inscrutable expression, a palpable energy buzzing underneath… I’ve had the opportunity to meet him and his wife and though I don’t know the man at all, even still, I can tell you that he is completely, 100% devoted to his wife. He adores her. Looks at her with such proud intensity. Not creepy intensity but soul-searing intensity, it’s incredibly romantic, a love affair for the ages - the way Henry felt about Clare. If ever there was anything absolutely true in Hollywood, it has to be Christian Bale’s relationship with his wife.

And so it’s a bit sad…that Christian isn’t Henry. Because he is so totally Henry, non?

As for Ryan Gosling playing Jack Salmon in The Lovely Bones opposite Rachel Weisz. Many of you have written to offer your opinions, almost unanimously approving. At first, I confess, not so much.
Maybe too young? But then there’s that passage when Jack refused to let Buckley take Susie’s old clothes, leading to an emotionally wrenching exchange between him and his son about his inability to move on, his desperately feeble attempt to make Buck an equal… am a mess just thinking of it and who else but Ryan Gosling to play the quiet torment without overacting? Perhaps they won’t f&ck it up after all…

PS. Book section is coming soon. Promise.