Many of you took one look at her massive breasts last week and pronounced her pregnant. And indeed she is! Freshly confirmed through her publicist, his name is Francois-Henri Pinault – a very wealthy businessman but um…well… see for yourself. Not exactly what you were expecting non? Not exactly Andre Balasz or even Arki Busson either though I can certainly understand the appeal between the Hollywood starlet and private enterprise: security on one hand, trophy on the other? Sorry…I’m a cynical bitch today. So anyway, Salma at 40, engaged and expecting… very, very cool and also time to say a final goodbye to Salma and Edward Norton. I loved them together. And he’s a fool for losing it. PS. Note that it"s always the tits that gives it away. In sharp contrast, Sarah Michelle Gellar"s flat chest last week? Not that I have any confirmation either way but since I"m a betting girl, I"ll put a fiver on NOT. Especially since she was getting into a hot tub at the time. Isn"t that not allowed? Source and source