I suppose I can understand the decision on the part of Marvel Studios – Edward Norton plays dark and conflicted and morose and depressed better than almost anyone else. And what better adjectives to describe The Hulk? But according to early reports, the sequel to Ang Lee’s 2003 box office disaster will be “less serious” with a much more comic-book feel… like smash, wham, bam, no relevant dialogue, just visual hypnosis.

So the question then becomes: is Edward Norton poor?

I mean, are times so tough he has to go Superhero at this stage in his career? And what happened to the “artist” who refused to be controlled by the big bad movie studio? Who didn’t want to sell out, who didn’t want to sacrifice substance for sales?

Don’t get me wrong…I quiver for Edward Norton. But once in while, Edward Norton needs a little Bitch… Please!

Remember when he and Salma broke up? And he was seen in NYC with a new woman? At the time, Page Six said he was overheard remarking cockily to some random: “She’s much hotter than Salma, isn’t she?” Oh yes he did!!!

And then a little professional whining.

Much was made of his dispute with Paramount a few years back after Norton signed a 3 picture deal with the company, made one movie (Primal Fear) in 6 years, and then kept refusing to every script (allegedly many many many) they sent him. So Paramount broke out the whip and threatened to sue his ass if he didn’t make the Italian Job. Which is why he pretty much dialed in his performance, even though, as legend has it, the studio sent him a Mini Cooper when filming began to smooth things over. Even then he was a sulky bitch.

And now…now Edward Norton is playing The Incredible Hulk???

Funny how a slow season changes a man, non?

Source Dose.ca