Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio were hanging out in New York together back in September but these pictures were just released now for some reason. Maria just fell over, I’m sure of it. She loves Edward Norton. And Leo is her hate-f*ck. Is Lukas Haas jealous? He shouldn’t be. Norton is married and a father now. Leo doesn’t really have a lot of time for that in his life. Having said that, if Lukas ever had the opportunity to get married and have a child, would he have anxiety about it because Leo might not want him anymore? Have they made a pact? So many questions.

Norton is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Janelle Monae. Am very excited about this. Like, more than I expected I would be. There’s a very healthy amount of “I don’t give a f-ck” in Norton. If they know how to write for him in a way that exposes that, we might get a good show.