He had every woman on that carpet swooning last night. At TIFF to promote Pride & Glory, Edward Norton was without Colin Farrell who was supposed to show but didn’t. Official word is that he was tied up in Ireland shooting a movie. But my sources say he was originally flying in from LA.

Gossip, buffet, what smut you believe is entirely up to you.

Back to Edward…

He had puffy hair last night. And I’m sorry, I’m blogging on a shoot right now so I may not be able to find the photo. But it’s more than just the hair.

Edward Norton’s brand of sexy isn’t quite like the others. You have to remember… as my producer Laura explains… Edward Norton is a little crazy. He dated Courtney Love! And so when I say he’s a hot f&cking beast, I truly mean he’s a hot f&cking beast. There is something dark and angry inside Edward Norton, even when he’s on his best behaviour. And so it’s an entirely different kind of quiver from say Colin Firth or any of the others I’m too tired to remember from this week.

What Edward Norton gives off is an element of unpredictability. You never know which face he’ll have on. In that respect, the Hulk was a rather appropriate fit.

Last night he was uncomfortable but humbled, truly overwhelmed by the reception at the gala. Still…he was testy. Never fond of media, at times he was impatient though he stopped short of being rude. This conflict results in a certain tension that keeps things exciting. At any moment he could fly off the handle. At any moment he could stalk away. Or at any moment he might break into a beautiful wide smile and sweep you off your feet. It’s an intoxicating experience that is probably much too difficult to describe.

Edward Norton is a complicated man. He has a complicated energy. I imagine being in love with him would result in a complicated, volatile relationship with dramatic and frequent separations followed by dramatic and frequent reunions that would ultimately end in total exhaustion and numbness and require a lengthy period of recovery. Unless of course you’re Salma Hayek.

Ps. He was a tad underdressed.

PPS. Am told he had great breath.


File photo from WENN