And now, the “fangirl if they’re your favourites” voting roundup.

If anyone looks happiest about voting it’s Mae Whitman, who is so proud and happy you’d think it was her first time.  I don’t think it is -- she’s 24 -- but it’s cute as all heck nonetheless…

Whereas Hilary Duff looks like this is just a long line of errands she’s doing today, don’t you think? I guess the white top is ideal for letting the sticker show, and/or the red bra-slash-tank underneath implies patriotism, but don’t you think she could dress a little snappier for voting day when she KNEW she’d be photographed?  Josh Duhamel went for this “blank canvas with a sticker” look as well, but he looks a little less …oh, I don’t know, completely posed?

By this logic,  Elizabeth Banks is the anti-famewhore, as this charming pic of her boobs and her voting sticker does not include her face.   I mean, you can only get there through her WhoSay so it’s not like you can’t guess, but Liz, man, your smiling face would be a motivator, don’t you think?

I am offended by the coat Dianna Agron wore to vote in.  I would have loved it when I was her age.  What’s that phrase?  We dislike in others what we revile in ourselves?

In the “you really have to be a specific fan” files, please find attached Voting pictures from Melissa Gilbert, Marlee Matlin, Lori Loughlin and Jane Espenson.   Please google Jane before you say “who?”

I do appreciate that Ryan Philippe took his son in to vote with him – never too early to learn how important it is, and all that.  But since his parents are divorced, is this something that they share, like holidays?  If one votes one way and one the other,  do they make sure the kid gets to see each of them voting?

Do you think Jay Leno gets heckled at times like this?  I don’t get the impression he spends a lot of time among the people, you know?  Or are folks just happy to see him and his denim shirt?

Speaking of “see them voting” can we please note how the camera is basically directly up January Jones’ ass in these pics?   You can nearly see what she’s signing!  How is this allowed?  (Please never fix this, I love all these pictures.)