Extraordinary Efforts – Voting edition

Duana Posted by Duana at November 6, 2012 22:22:48 November 6, 2012 22:22:48

So Jon Hamm spoke at an Obama rally on the weekend.  He really pulled out all the stops, which I can’t fault in someone who is trying hard to bring people around to his way of seeing things by sheer virtue of being a celebrity.

He brought something for everyone, you know?  I’m sure he was a stirring speaker, bringing the spirit of Don Draper at his most persuasive to the crisp clean fall air that must have seemed so hopeful. 

For those who love the devoted boyfriend angle of Hamm, he brought Jennifer Westfeldt, who looks so proud of him and whose cheeks, whatever else you might say about them, are pink with pride.

For those who love other things about Jon Hamm, he brought that too.  Do you think he turns up like this on the set of 30 Rock?  What would Tina Fey say about this?  Like wouldn’t she shame him like a toddler until he went to put on some underwear?

Meanwhile, as Hamm spoke for Obama, Bradley Cooper is apparently speaking against Romney.  An upcoming Harvey Weinstein film called Hindsight investigates Mitt Romney, who he is and what he stands for.  Here’s what’s weird about this – doesn’t it seem like it’s a film that only matters…if Romney is elected?  If it was meant to influence voters, shouldn’t it have come out months ago?  Did Bradley Cooper even know he was doing voiceover for this movie?  Because it kind of sounds like he read some lines into an answering machine, right?  Is this a favour for Harvey so Cooper will get the Oscar campaign he wants?

Hindsight Trailer from Bear Brook Productions on Vimeo.


Finally, sometimes the best way to say how you feel is to say nothing at all.  Here’s what Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family had to say when asked about his voting choice today:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson ‏‪@jessetyler
“‪@juaxl: ‪@jessetyler Obama or Romney?” Um.

Is everyone having as much fun with voting day as I am?

Also attached -- Hamm and Westfeldt out for dinner last night.



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