I don’t usually post runway photos but following yesterday’s article on Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel, many of you, including my own friends, wrote to say you liked it. Will try to do more of it when appropriate, especially as it relates to celebrities. Like Elie Saab who always shows up on the carpet during award season, who’s been a favourite lately of Blake Lively, who has dressed almost everyone, and who of course, as we all know, famously created Halle Berry’s Oscar-winning gown.

Saab showed today at Paris Fashion Week. Meh. I don’t usually get jizzy over his aesthetic. Some of these dresses are pure Desperate Housewives. That short blue frayed number is a sure bet for Natalie Portman somewhere, and maybe the long blue deep v sequin on Diane Lane, but otherwise this week there have been many more exciting offerings.

Oh and that white encrusted one on Karolina Kurkova ( with the girdle band around her waist...WTF?) is straight up offensive. She’s wearing it to lead the line.

Photos from Wenn.com