WOW, this girl.  I’ve been on kind of a renewed crush cycle with her since that video from last spring where she and the other maybe-nominees (sorry, Monica Potter) discussed their lives as actresses, and she had fun and was lively and excited.

When I saw her tonight I thought ‘Yeah you are!”  This is what someone who’s nominated for two totally different projects shows up looking like.  It’s kind of a travesty that she didn’t make it to the stage either time, although I guess she has the comfort of knowing it’s not just a Peggy Olsen fluke.

The dress is whatever,  although it’s flattering and she can move in it.  But look at that hair and makeup!  She looks alive and happy and her age for once.  Remember that time she wore this

Or this?

It’s not even the same girl. Not even close. And again, like last spring, she seems like she’s having fun. She brought her mom to the carpet and they were cute together and not in a forced, weird way, but in a way that was like “of all the people here tonight, I am improbably the least insecure and nauseous.” I just wish the look had gotten more play. I hope she makes out with someone inappropriate tonight and it winds up on camera. Just so that hair and face get another outing.