I don’t know why I think she’s an understatement, exactly. After all, she’s invited to all of these awards, is usually nominated and half the time she wins. She knows how to do these shows. And it’s not like she’s playing shrinking violet, either. This geometric metallic red J. Mendel dress is fantastic, without being a showstopper, and she looked great and knew it. After all those years of coming draped in beige taffeta (Lainey: and really bad hair!), it’s great that she’s actually looking like a young actress.

But my sense is that Elisabeth Moss probably is, and probably knows she is, one of the most talented actresses in the place. I think she knows she’s got the goods. She’s always refreshingly humble in those Hollywood Reporter roundtables, and an actress friend of mine talks about how liberating it is that she discusses the acting instructions she was given by Jane Campion: “You don’t have to hit the bullseye – just get [the performance] on the board”. She’s actually kind of real, and more down-to-earth, than a lot of her colleagues who claim to be normal people, even though she makes Lainey’s sh-t list with the use of “my cast”.

I always enjoy her is what I’m saying. She makes these things kind of refreshingly low-key. You figure she’d be jazzed if she won but only bummed long enough to fight her way to the bar and have a double. She just seems normal. Which, of course, is saying something. (Lainey: especially since she goes to church with Tom Cruise!)