The Italian Queen has a guest-starring role on Leverage. Not because she’s dating George Clooney but because she’s clearly the Italian Kate Winslet, every line delivered with such conviction, every nuance layered with tension.

Brilliant, non? If I’m Jessica Biel I’m hoping I can follow Elisabetta Canalis for every future audition. Ely’s time on Leverage will last 5 episodes. Needless to say, she’s hoping that will turn into a feature film opportunity. Maybe a cameo in the next Steven Soderbergh? He and Clooney are tight.

As for Clooney – the poster for The American was just released late last week. I like it. Just as I liked the trailer as previously noted. The American opens on September 1st and he’s expected to take it to Venice where, once again, the Italian Queen will be the talk of the festival. It’s really too bad the Aniston fans scared her off Twitter. I would have enjoyed her tweets during her Leverage scenes in real time.

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