It’s her

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 24, 2010 07:21:51 May 24, 2010 07:21:51

Ten days ago I wrote about Elisabetta Canalis on Twitter. At the time it wasn’t slamdunk. Many of you totally bought it, others remained sceptical. Would George Clooney really allow his Italian Queen to participate in a medium he has on several occasions said that he abhors? It seemed unlikely. But then again, Ely is not like the others. Ely plays with a different deck. And Ely, perhaps sensing that the authenticity of her twitter was in question, decided to make it very, very clear for us.

It’s her.

She’s posting photos now. And photos that only she could have taken.

See attached.

It’s Ely back in Milan hanging out with friends. It’s Ely taking a blackberry photo while getting her hair done. Apparently she’s there for a few days for a photo shoot. And then, like every great attention whore, she also talks about her stalker.

Someone asks me of my stalker. I will speak publicly about it.

That 's what every stalker dreams of: to become known. I will solve it in other ways ... more discreet and effective!


F-cking love her so much. Imagine it. Somehow she’s tweeting, perhaps while lying next to him in bed, and he can’t do sh-t about it. This Ely, she is formidable.

Click here for Elisabetta Canalis on Twitter.

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