George Clooney will receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award this year at the Emmys. It’s only the fourth time the award has been handed out – Danny Thomas, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Cosby are Clooney’s predecessors. It’s a huge honour and recognises Clooney’s efforts in his relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and his ongoing involvement in raising awareness for the situation in Darfur.

So of course he’s bringing the Italian Queen. At least she thinks he’s bringing her. That’s what she told Entertainment Tonight. During an interview for Leverage, the tv show she’s been guesting on recently, Elisabetta Canalis revealed that George keeps her young, is better than plastic surgery, and that she will be on his arm for Emmy night August 29th.

Why so early this year? I remember the Emmys being in September. This is a logistical complication. Can you livestream the Emmys overseas?

As for The Italian Queen, well that was fast, non? I’m telling you – this bitch is the best, the most formidable. Not even a cocaine and hooker scandal could bring her down. In fact, it hardly affected her at all.

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