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According to E! Elisabetta Canalis will be Dancing With The Sh-ts on the new season. Canalis of course is George Clooney’s most recent ex-girlfriend. Stacy Keibler is allegedly his most recent soon to be ex-girlfriend. Keibler was on Dancing With The Sh-ts in one of its early seasons. Now Keibler gets papped every day thanks to her supposed association with Hollywood’s Most Eligible Forever Single. Her stock has risen then. Temporarily.

Canalis meanwhile...


I mean, Dancing With The Sh-ts is where TV is dying, so I guess it’s kind of appropriate. Where else would she end up? It’s not like she’s going to the Oscars again, ever. Besides, Canalis has some experience in the art of tacky television dancing. Have you ever watched an Italian variety show? The random dancing is amazing. She used to be one of those girls. See the video below. And she recently did some dancing - I have no idea why - on stage at the closing ceremony for the San Remo Film Festival. Honestly don’t know how long the American public is going to keep her around. How embarrassing if she gets voted off first.

By the way re: Keibler and Clooney - he was at the house in Como a few days ago, seen having dinner with friends. And it’s usually a given that whoever he’s f-cking that summer will be expected to join him there. That fact that she’s NOT there - something still isn’t sitting right to me about this relationship; I’m not sure exactly what that is.

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