Two biggest knocks against Elisha Cuthbert: that she is friends with that disease Paris Hilton and that she’s been dating that loser ass Sean Avery. Sean Avery is a hockey player, the kind of guy born with a “beat me” face and a matching prick attitude – constantly smirking, too good to have manners, a dude you’d imagine who’d will lose his sh-t if his girl so much as said thank you to another man for picking up her napkin… you know the type. THAT is Sean Avery.

And for some reason, Elisha Cuthbert was attracted to it.

Thankfully, hopefully, her temporary insanity has come to an end. Word is it’s done. Word is even though they’re friends, he still tried to hit on Hollywood Ebola the other day without success. Paris shockingly spurned him. Which is too bad. Because that f&cker is perfect for that f&cker. But can you imagine what a douche you’d have to be for Paris Hilton to turn it down? Paris Hilton who will readily pass her virus on to anyone willing and able? And Elisha was with him for almost 2 years… seriously, WTF???

Anyway, here’s Elisha from a couple of weeks ago at Ebola’s beach pad in Malibu showing off a refreshing curvy, REAL body. Me lovey. And now she’s single. Me lovey even more.

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