I wish I loved this on Elizabeth Banks. That is, I do, on some level – the colour is perfect on her, and the cut-outs are cool while still being on trend. She looks fantastic, and the hair is fierce instead of glam, and she’s giving good face in the photos.  

But I would be lying if I said this could stand up next to some of the incredible creations that have appeared on this carpet. Tonight alone! As Lainey said, this year people finally brought the costume aspect of things and stopped just wearing column dresses.

The thing is I’m so tempted to give Elizabeth Banks a pass. Something about how she dresses up like Effie Trinket in her day job so in a way, wearing this dress is kind of counter-culture and contrary and is a costume in itself. But I think in truth that this was just kind of a safe miss. I will never be invited to the MET Gala, but if I were – well, if I were, nobody would want to look at me anyway. But if I were, and I were the kind of person who would be photographed? I would remember that it’s an actual place to wear things that are costumey – not just things you wouldn’t wear on any other carpet. Looking at you, HALF THE PEOPLE THERE.

Anyway, this is not going to affect anything in my long term relationship with Elizabeth Banks, because she is awesome, and because, in two weeks, I will be communing with the Barden Bellas again, and I can barely contain myself. I have Elizabeth Banks to thank for that gift. So she’s a baller. So she’ll wear a better dress next year.