She’s not beige

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Elizabeth Banks.

See I thought she was a beige person. Not particularly exciting. But Cannes, Cannes brings out the real drama. And often the real bitch. So no, she’s definitely not beige. She just might be the next Sharon Stone.

At the Grey Goose event on Saturday night…

Have to describe the setting:

So it’s a chateau. Which means you don’t just walk up to the front door and ring the bell. We entered through a gate, the gate opened up to a courtyard, a long LONG path lit by low torches, manicured lawns and shrubs and greenery I don’t know the right words for lining each side.

The path led to an arched entrance, then another courtyard, on the left hand side a long blue and white bar, on the right hand side the food display.

Of course we were parked ourselves between the bar and the food. To do otherwise would be stupid. This also allowed for a great view of entrances.

And did Elizabeth Banks ever make an entrance.

She strutted on heels down that path, ordering us to watch her, and when she passed under the arch, she cut her eye – a very practised, very impressive cut eye – at a lowly staffer before replacing her scowl with a broad smile for the sycophant who greeted her with air kisses, immediately running her long fingers through his Flock of Seagulls hair.

Quite a spectacle.

She walks like Sharon, she acts like Sharon, she is Sharon. But younger. Ouch.

Here are various photos of Elizabeth Banks at Cannes.

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