If Jennifer Aniston can’t stop wearing black, Liz Hurley doesn’t wear it enough. Anyone else sick of looking at her in pink, powder blue, green, now purple, and every other colour under the rainbow??? By the way…have you noticed her glam to budget transformation of late? Tacky at the Costume Institute gala and tacky last night at the Chopard event. The hair? Bridesmaid 1992. The pose? Pam Anderson. The leg? Anna Nicole Smith. The verdict? Wannabe Dynasty 20 years too late. Which is why I’ve never understood the hype around Hurley and the bump at the end of her nose. I mean…really??? Liz Hurley? Sorry, but I’d take Jennifer Aniston over Liz Hurley. Because in the battle for starving Ordinaries, Jen would kick Liz’s ass any day.