Never mind that unsightly bump on the end of her nose. Never mind that she"s the most overrated "actress", like, ever. Never mind that she"s probably done even less than Paris Hilton to become a celebrity. Never mind all that. What bothers me most about Liz Hurley is that she looks the same over and over and over again. Different colour, same cut, same hair, same makeup, same pose… can"t this bitch find some new clothes? Here she is on 3 occasions in the last 6 weeks. First, tonight at Elton"s annual white tie and tiara thing. Then at the Glamour event earlier this month and then prior to that in Cannes in May. Never thought anyone could out-bore Jennifer Aniston but Elizabeth Hurley has managed to accomplish the impossible. Congratulations honey. Now remind us once again why you"re famous???