In my post yesterday about the allegation that Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with Bill Clinton, I asked of Tom Sizemore, “Is he even sober?”

Well, he’s answering that question for us. Following the widespread coverage of the story coming from an audiotape of him recounting the time he wingmanned for Clinton, Sizemore spoke to several outlets clarifying the situation. That he was f-cked up when that recording was made and that all of it never happened.

Which… I mean… shouldn’t be surprising. Because… it came from TOM SIZEMORE. Even Tom Sizemore’s rationale for why you shouldn’t believe it is that it came from TOM SIZEMORE.

So, yeah, I feel for Liz in this situation because she got shafted by a non-story. The denial will not be carried as heavily as the original, erroneous headline. And now that’s on her internet resume: Bill Clinton nailed Liz Hurley, right alongside Hugh Grant cheating on her and Shane Warne’s gross face. This woman needs a romance coach.

Here’s Liz in London today.