Liz Hurley is serious about Shane Warne. You may have forgotten about Shane Warne. He’s GROSS. Like, properly VILE.

Shane is an Aussie cricket legend, was married, is a chronic cheater, and was supposedly still with his wife when he and Hurley hooked up. And, for a laugh, or a vomit, click here and look at the pictures. But they are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

So yeah, this is what Liz Hurley’s in love with.

Last night she took him with her to Elton John’s annual White Tie and Tiara party. Goddamn she has terrible taste in men, non? Look at him. Only a certain kind of girl, you know? Only a certain kind of girl could get with that. I would rather have Bieber Fever than get with that. Sick.

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