Elizabeth Hurley has a new boyfriend. His name is David Yarrow, 48. He’s a billionaire (obviously). He made his money in hedge funds and is now a photographer. So the good news, I guess, is that she’s no longer with that gross Shane Warne. The bad news…

I look at this man’s ripped jeans and his Simon Cowell sweater and, well, I already have an opinion. And don’t (some of) you have that opinion too? She has a type.

Hurley and Yarrow were photographed kissing in London the other night. The one with his hand behind her neck is skeeving me out.

As for Shane Warne, he heard about it the way everyone else did. On the internet. And then he tweeted this:




Tell me, millenials. Isn’t there a nasty threshold on Tinder? Like, what if you’re swiping through your phone and this comes up?