Elizabeth Hurley was on holiday with her son and husband in the South of France the last week or so, spotted leaving at Nice airport the other day in a striped blue shirt, probably the same one you own? It’s the best, it’s everywhere. Lo and I both bought one at Anthropologie at the same time along with everyone else in Toronto. We saw them all over the place in Vegas. And they’re all over the tv – like Julie Bowen on Modern Family. Except I can’t seem to find mine – f-ck!

Anyway, my point is that sometimes what you see is actually affordable.

Also I have a question for you judgy moms – I’ve heard you judging other people and their “weird looking kids” before. Are non-moms allowed to play that game?

And that’s Hugh Grant, he who will never marry, or have children of his own, spending time with his godson Damien, as he joined the Hurleys for a summer gathering, friends to the end, something I’ve always been intrigued about because there are some ex boyfriends I won’t speak to simply because I don’t find them attractive anymore so imagine not only forgiving a dude for cheating on you with a prostitute , getting arrested for it, having it publicised, AND then naming him as the man to look after your son if something should ever happen to you?

Forgiveness is a bitch for me. And it’s a bitch for Melissa Gilbert too. Duana came over this weekend and picked through my books, one of them being Gilbert’s autobio Prairie Tales, and she goes full on about the 80s when she was dating Rob Lowe etc which was hot, but there’s also a part where she talks about Shannen Doherty who joined the cast of Little House and totally idolised Melissa and told her “one day I’ll be just like you”, and wouldn’t you know she ended up f-cking Melissa’s husband several years later and when confronted by it, her response was “Didn’t I tell you I’d be just like you?”

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