Elizabeth Olsen was papped the other day grocery shopping and not wearing her engagement ring. US Weekly then followed with confirmation from sources yesterday that she and Boyd Holbrook have ended their relationship.

I swear, I was just thinking on the weekend while watching The Skeleton Twins, about how hot he is. Boyd is also the reason I kept watching Very Good Girls on demand several months ago. Even in Gone Girl, and he’s such a skeeze in Gone Girl, there was a dirty sex vibe all over his scenes.

Since they were such a low key couple, there’s been no reason cited for the split. But Elizabeth is just a couple of months from being a very big deal as we approach the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. She’s Scarlet Witch. Sarah could give you a more thorough explanation of how superheroes work but even a comic book idiot like me can tell you that the Scarlet Witch has mindf-ck powers beyond anything we’ve seen so far, enough to be able to control the Hulk. As Mark Ruffalo said of her recently

"She's able to bring out the worst in us."

Elizabeth Olsen is single, about to turn 26, and her career is about to go next level. This is why she doesn’t look stressed.