Elle Macpherson turns 45 in a month.


Most models are genetic freaks. Elle’s freaky sh*t is freakier than most. Bitch bakes herself in the sun half the year, has already had two kids, parties non stop with the Euro jetset, and still looks like this.

Hate. Love.

Check her out at some fundraising gala last night in London wearing a hot outfit only she could make work with a face still as beguiling and as beautiful as ever.

Elle is currently single though not for lack of trying. Her last hook up was Bryan Adams – major downgrade – and word is, she is always always aggressively on the prowl. A few years ago at TIFF she came on so strong to Aaron Eckhart he apparently left the party and was afraid to pick up the phone. Maybe Aaron needs to grow some balls.

Seriously…who the f&ck runs from Elle Macpherson?