Which is why I adore her! First of all, for an older broad, she’s sexy as all hell. Starring in Oceans 13 with the boys – she will be fantastic. Next, it’s her balls. Love her balls. Ellen’s tangled up in a messy divorce with Ron Perelman, big time billionaire whose holdings include among other things Revlon and Marvel, great at making money, assy at staying married. Four wives, the last one Ellen, she reportedly got $20 million + out of it and sold her baubles for another $20 million but apparently something’s still eating her alive and the great thing about Ellen is she won’t pull a Society Face and suck it all in. Apparently the two ran into each other at a restaurant the other night. He started approaching her supposedly to go the men’s room, she was on the way there, she warned him not to come closer, he urged her to be rational, instead she pours a drink on him, and calls him a wifebeater. Hee. No, not the classiest move and DEFINITELY far from Gwyneth, but admit it, if your husband blind-sided you with divorce papers to save money on the prenup, wouldn’t you be a little pissed? Isn’t this the behaviour you secretly wish you’d be able to pull off? I do this it the time. I’m wronged by someone and I’m all like snapping my fingers and contorting my neck and kissing my teeth – “bitch better look out next time she seems me ‘cuz I’m gonna give it to her good”… and then of course I do see her and I end up running away or not saying anything or worse yet, actually making small talk like a f&cking coward and them going home to stew about it afterwards while my husband taunts me for being weak. Obviously, Ellen Barkin doesn’t have this problem. And she doesn’t have a problem telling her ex husband’s new flame what she’s in for. Supposedly, upon departing, she left the woman with these words: "I feel sorry for you that you have to [bleep] him tonight." See…that’s the kind of dirty smut that gets me excited. Source