Ellen: the opposite of Britney and Biel

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 16, 2007 13:13:08 October 16, 2007 13:13:08

Ellen is an animal lover – but not the kind of animal loving professed by Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, toting their accessories from store to store, depriving their pets of the kind of structure and care that they deserve. And not the kind of animal loving professed by Jessica Biel either, supposedly not paying attention during doggy playtime, claiming ignorance when her dog was eaten by another.

Not Ellen Degeneres.

I’m sure you’ve heard but it’s worth the telling. Ellen adopted a puppy a month ago. She had it trained, she had it vaccinated, as an experienced pet owner she made the necessary provisions to ensure that when she brought him home, he would be happy. But Iggy wasn’t getting along with her cats. And when the relationship broke down, she made the best, best, best choice in an unfortunate situation. A responsible, adult decision, finding for Iggy a loving family happy and willing and able and committed and prepared to love him properly.

Iggy was given to Ellen’s hairdresser and two daughters. Everything was going beautifully. Ellen monitored the situation and ensured that Iggy was being more than adequately looked after. Until the adoption agency called a few days ago to follow up on Iggy at which point Ellen explained what went down. Unfortunately Ellen did not follow proper process and so Iggy was taken away from the family and is back in the shelter.

On her show yesterday, Ellen broke down. She explained what had happened. She apologised for her wrongdoing and she begged for Iggy to be returned to the home where he belongs. She said sorry.

I LOVE ELLEN. Don’t you love Ellen?

Click here here and here to view the clips. Your heart will break. If you have a dog of your own, like me you will be an uncontrollable mess. When I think of Marcus my little f*cker who went to the vet for his annual today, cowering in the corner before his rabies booster – it’s been three years since his last when he was a puppy like Iggy, and to think that some dogs like Paris’s and Britney’s get the f&cking shaft ass luck of being stuck with dumb twats while Iggy could and hopefully will be back in his rightful home…

I can’t.

This is Marcus like Iggy two weeks after we brought him home. Those bratty eyes are still full of mischief four years later.

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