Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat were at Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals the other night in LA. Click here for a refresher. I was surprised that more than 5 of you cared. Last night Ellen’s hockey companion was Alexander Skarsgard. They worked together on a movie.

How much do you LOVE the pictures of them during the game, super intense, living and dying with every play? I think I might turn the one of them side by side, with both hands by their heads into my new wallpaper. The height difference makes it even better.

So now the series goes back to NJ for Game 5. Hollywood doesn’t get to celebrate an at-home Stanley Cup win unless the Kings lose and return for the next. Which...I mean you never want to take that chance but the NHL would probably like nothing more than to stretch to a Game 6 in Los Angeles with the Cup on the ice by the end of the night.

Why am I cheering for LA and not Martin Brodeur playing in his last final? I told you about the time I interviewed him right? At the Hockey Hall Of Fame? There’s a goaltender game at the HHoF and we wanted to shoot him going up against the game, obviously. You can put the game on 3 settings: easy, medium, expert, something like that. None of us were particularly impressed when he had to be a baby about not playing it on the hardest level, getting all bothered and sulky when the pucks were going past him. Like, come ON. Who’s holding that against you and if that’s the case why don’t you make like Roy and stick your Cup rings up their asses?

I remember all of us, our crew that day, being super dejected after that experience. He was our hero. That’s Marty Brodeur! Today we’re not doing a Hollywood interview, we’re spending time with a Canadian hockey legend! And, well, it turned out to be kind of the same.