Have you seen it? Check out the new Super poster featuring Ellen Page. The trailer is below. About Rainn Wilson whose wife is seduced by a skeezy drug dealer, played hilariously by Kevin Bacon. To assuage his feelings of inadequacy, Wilson becomes a superhero with Ellen as his diminutive scrawny sidekick, hopping around enthusiastically in a yellow and green unitard. Love her so much. Super opens next month. Here's Ellen at LAX yesterday perhaps getting ready for some promotion.

As for her other project, Tilda, with Diane Keaton, inspired by Nikki Finke, the last reported update was that HBO passed on the pilot after the project was plagued by rumours of unrest re: showrunners, writers, nothing to do with the actors. Obviously sh-tty news for Ellen. I would have enjoyed seeing Ellen on tv. Is Ellen for tv?

Well, more and more, tv is where the really interesting parts for women can be found. Duana could probably go on about this at length. This is why it seems like the same 5 actresses are always up for the same parts in film. There really isn't a lot of diversity. And, clearly, Ellen Page doesn't exactly fit into the template of what they keep looking for nowadays. So I do worry, a little, about how often she'll work and what that work will be. Having said that, getting in with Christopher Nolan is never a bad thing. He has a stable of regulars. If he liked her, and there's no reason to believe he didn't, he'll find something for her somewhere.

Photos from Flynetonline.com