Only 5 of you, and that includes Duana, will probably care about this post which breaks my heart. Especially since if I actually broke protocol and wrote about Kim Kardashian, thousands of you would read it.


Click on this instead!

Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat went to the Kings-Devils game last night. They’re friends for real and not just when they’re promoting a movie although I guess you could tell when they were promoting the movie! I love them SO much. I love it so much when celebrities are friends, like for real friends. Someone needs to write a book about this. Maybe I should write a book about this.

What do Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat talk about when they’re at the hockey game together? Do they do the wave? Do they scream at the refs and accuse Gary Bettman of trying to prolong the series with suspect calls? Do they shout “YEAH WILLIE MITCHELL!!!” because he’s a good guy who deserves what’s happening to him? Do they groan at Dustin Brown when he cockily points at the score board near the end of the 3rd period while trashtalking another player, all “what’s the score man, what’s the score?” that will hopefully earn him an earful of “shut the f-ck up you punk” from his coach Darryl Sutter?

I want to know so badly.

Then I would totally smoke a joint with them in the bathroom even though I’m terrible on weed and get nauseous from motion sickness.