There’s a tumblr for everything. Why not a tumblr for this?

Ellen Page’s Hockey Dates.

The Los Angeles Kings played 3 games at home during the Stanley Cup Finals. Ellen was there for each one, each time with a different date. First it was Maeby Funke (she will ALWAYS be Maeby to me, ok???), then it was Alexander Skarsgard, and last night it was this dude I don’t recognise. Am I supposed to? He reminds me of Ryan Gosling.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, re: scepticism about Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman, I wrote this:   

“Before you start snarking, and I will remind myself of this too, think of Christopher Nolan. He trusted her. Is that enough?”

And then some of you kicked my ass because you don’t think Nolan is good about his female selections which... I mean, are you basing this only on Katie Holmes? Because in Inception it was Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard. And before that there was Maggie Gyllenhaal. In The Prestige it was Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson. In Memento it was Carrie Ann Moss. CARRIE-ANN F-CKING MOSS! Oh and by the way, he cast Katie Holmes BEFORE Tom Cruise took her brain away. When people were still high on her for Pieces Of April. I know it’s easy to forget because she got on the back of the Cruise motorcycle and never stopped smiling but 10 years ago, Katie was touted as one to watch with a lot of potential. THAT is what Nolan was basing it on.

So...what am I missing here that you keep yelling at me for?