Ellen Pompeo is a prickly bitch. At the same time, she won’t throw you a canned answer if you ask the right ones. Ellen sat down with Entertainment Weekly for an interview about Grey’s Anatomy and she pretty much conceded that Season 3 was total garbage. She also did not mince words about why the show went to sh*t.

Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happens with Derek and Meredith.

On whether or not Shonda Rhimes admitted to being wrong about the show’s direction:
This is Hollywood. People don"t admit mistakes.


On Meredith and Derek getting back together:
I told (Shonda) to please make it be in a way that makes sense. Don"t put us together because the fans want it: so — poof! — we"re together. Please make it make sense. I would have preferred that we really stayed apart for a while and then slowly got back together. I just worry how realistic is it after all of the mess.

On why Grey’s Anatomy went off the rails:
Last season. Season 3 is when the show really started to get a little unfocused with crazy things like Meredith"s [failed] suicide, and then George and Izzie. It just sort of seemed like it was all over the place, which it kind of was. I know Shonda was writing Private Practice and her attention was diverted. (Word!)

On George and Izzie:
I love Katie [Heigl] and T.R. [Knight] so much that I didn"t really like seeing them together. That"s like my brother and my sister kissing. I don"t want to see my brother and sister kiss! I think it was a little ratings stunt.

Based on her candour, I actually might start watching again.

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