No, I’m not joking.   Ellie Kemper was a double-nominee last night, as part of both the casts of The Office and Bridesmaids.

And she was mistaken for someone else SEVERAL times.

Once, on the carpet during a cutaway, after she’d already been interviewed by Ross (ugh…Ross), she was supered as “Grizz Chapman, 30 Rock”.  Please refer to the picture at the bottom of the page if you don’t watch 30 Rock and don’t know why this is so funny.  

Then a photo agency captioned her as “Karine Vanasse”

Who now?  Ahh. She’s the cute (Canadian!) French ‘stew’ on Pan Am who was almost definitely not walking the carpet last night.    

What is going on with Ellie Kemper?  She’s funny and cute in everything.   Everything that she’s done to be known for is still right at the front of everyone’s minds (in fact, she’s the only thing that’s still watchable on The Office. SORRY.  Also, where was Mindy Kaling?), it’s not like she’s from years ago.   

Why is she so mistakable for other people?  Grizz Chapman, Karine Vanasse, and as far as I was concerned, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Come on.  Sequined dress AND the long red extensions?  You didn’t think so?   

The great thing about her is I bet had I said that (you know, if we were buds, on the carpet together) she’d have broken into song.   Could we please remember the woman’s name?  

Thank you.