In white at Elton John’s party, she also attended VF. And watching this woman pose is the treat of a lifetime. You can tell she has spent hours and hours and hours in her bedroom practicing, jutting out one hip, adjusting all the bones in her back, in absolute control over every inch of her body. And without a doubt, she LIVED for the attention. Not wearing as much make up as you would think. Definitely made up, mind you, but there was no cake. Also, upper body…very thin, yes. But not deathly. The bottom half probably but her dress was covered – in jeans though the next day taken by the paps, it does look that way doesn’t it? Still, in the white gown, considering we’re in Hollywood, her skinny arms weren’t “stand out” skinny. Ellen Pompeo? Yes. Ellen Pompeo is heartbreaking that way. But hey – she insists she’s always been thin, she insists she simply can’t be any other way. Ok Ellen. We believe you. More on Posh? She’s pretty haughty. Has that way of looking at someone and looking through them at the same time. We had an eTalk team on the ground at the Elton party and many on the press line had the privilege of being ignored by her. Oh and one more thing – she is TINY. Wearing heels and still only eye level with our producer Sasha. Sasha is 5 ft 5, you do the math. Which means that all of you who’ve been emailing me about Becks being short could very well be right, especially if she’s only a few inches shorter than him in heels but starting at 5 ft 2…max. Source