My husband LOVES The Office. Our PVR is stacked with episodes of The Office competing with episodes of Friday Night Lights. But I was slow to come around. Partly out of loyalty to Ricky Gervais – yes, I know he produces the American version – and partly because Steve Carrell freaks me out. So around seven or eight months ago, I was forced to endure a marathon. And of course I get it now. I get it because it’s f*cking hilarious. And the writing is brilliant. And at times so inappropriately funny. And of course the unrequited love angle. Jim and Pam are the new Ross and Rachel?

Well now that’s just an insult to Jim and Pam. Because Jim, played by John Krasinski, is SO MUCH COOLER than the whimpering wimp Ross Gellar.

And it looks like John Krasinski is about to become a movie star…I hope. My husband likes him because he says he’s Polish. I like him because he’s cute. In a regular guy cute kind of way. The kind of guy it took you 6 weeks to notice during first year Psych at university but then as soon as you noticed him, he was That Guy…you know That Guy?

John is tall – which is unusual in Hollywood. John isn’t orange, he isn’t at Les Deux every night, he hasn’t – to date – f*cked Paris Hilton.

Love. John.

Check it out – new stills from his upcoming movie License to Wed (terrible title) co-starring Mandy Moore and Robin Williams. It was shot in Vancouver a couple of months ago, is scheduled for release in July. Nice to see the hair off his face for a change, non?

Perhaps he and Mandy will stage a romance? Hope so. I"d be all over it.

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