As opposed to the Chill… Whatever body language shared with Fabrizio a few weeks ago, my Kiki seems much more sure of herself with Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell than she did with Drew Barrymore’s leftovers. Have a look – Kiki this weekend at SXSW on the receiving end of some romantic attention (apparently they were making out everywhere) and this time it looks like SHE is in control. Unfortunately it also looks like she’s going batsh-t f&cking blind. Sorry… I know appearances aren’t everything but still, from Jake Gyllenhaal to Fab Moretti, hell even Andy Samberg – next to her dating past Johnny, superficially speaking anyway, simply doesn’t measure. But then again, classic example of what I like to call the Rocker Ugly Allowance: no matter how appallingly UNattractive, as long as it plays an instrument, aesthetic atrocities are always forgiven. Never been a believer myself but it’s amazing to me – how much poon is voluntarily surrendered as soon as the dude talks about “his music”. Really??? Can music make up for a mangled face? And a set of mangled teeth? Call me Cruise…it’s never worked for me. Source