Quiveration at Sundance

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 22, 2007 12:00:00 January 22, 2007 12:00:00
Scott Speedman, Ryan Reynolds, John Cusack, and surprisingly James Franco. Let’s start with Canada: was never a fan of Felicity, in fact I never watched. Also not particularly fond of Underworld and when I saw him at TIFF he was more hirsute than he was hot which is why at the Slamdance premiere of his new movie Weirdsville on Friday, costarring Wes Bentley, the return of the cleanshaven Scott Speedman was a welcome change. And he gives a great interview too. Loose, relaxed, totally unpretentious, a good height (around 5 ft 10) friendly, and a great sense of humour, look for the clip on eTalk on Monday night. Coincidentally enough, also ran into him at dinner right after the screening, we already had our table, the restaurant was full, he came in with a few friends and associates and WAITED patiently to be seated – did not stomp his feet, did not moan and groan, did not snap his fingers and leave in a huff. Love. Him. As for Ryan Reynolds – Sunday was the debut of The Nines, hailed by many to be the most intriguing script to surface in Hollywood for years. We caught him on the carpet, in a pageboy cap and brown pants, without Alanis, bearded but beautiful, in a serious mood, talking about the film, about the script, about acting, until I asked him about swag – at which point he said he doesn’t do it because he doesn’t “whore” it. MAJOR bonus points. And he’s tall. By Hollywood standards, he doesn’t hover around the 5 ft 8 mark like everyone else. Next John Cusack – am a child of the 80s, of course I lived by Say Anything, of course there’s a soft spot for John reserved in the part of my heart that never grew past 16, his mystique growing with time as very little gossip gets out about what he’s really like, save for a few failed romances and speculation about a nasty personality courtesy Jeremy Piven. Never expected John Cusack to be a hunk, and a hunk he certainly isn’t…at least not conventionally but I did assume he’d be a slight man, not physically imposing, more of a dark, thin thinker…which is why I couldn’t believe he was actually quite tall, and … healthier looking that you’d expect: pale but not gaunt, aging but not terribly, wearing a black pea coat, I saw him at the Backstage Creations gift lounge, heading into the swag area to sign a charity item for auction. Was kinda gruff and “artist” snarly but it actually made the quiver even stronger – does that make sense? Finally…James Franco. Have always been indifferent and truth be told, almost turned OFF at times, especially after City by the Sea, though the junkie role obviously didn’t help. Maybe it’s because he always looks…hungry. It’s the cheekbones, you know? James Franco in person? Oozes sexy. Saturday afternoon, he was kinda sleepy after lighting it up the night before, not known for being a particularly chatty guy but during our sit-down he was so chill, in a super confident, unassuming kind of way, I think I may have invited myself onto his lap which might have been why he patted his thighs at the end of the interview and if not for the glaring publicist and my glaring producer – and oh yeah, my husband too – I probably would have hopped on. The clip airs on eTalk some time this week. And relax prudes – take the pickles outta your asses. I wouldn’t have…OF COURSE I wouldn’t have…I think. Source and Source

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