As you probably know, George lost his pig on Friday after 18 years, Max’s heart gave out, he died while George was away promoting The Good German. And as is the case with most things related to George, even the fact that he had a pet pig makes him hot. But I have to tell you, looking over at my lazy f&cker of a dog, sleeping on my bed right now, refusing to go for his morning walk after 13 hours of holding it in, any pet owner will agree – it is heartbreaking that he wasn’t there for the final goodbye, as gutwrenching as it would have been. Reminds me of that book Marley & Me by John Grogan. A beautiful, horrible book - the kind of book that has you sobbing uncontrollably through the last pages, and knowing that George couldn’tmake it back to walk his friend over to the other side…sh-t, maybe I’m just hormonal but the floodgates are wide open… Here’s G at The Good German premiere on Friday, sadness all over his face. Sigh. Source and Source