I"m a member at the fan chit chat blind item board and I don"t want you to print my name. We talk about your blind items all the time and some people on the board think you make up your information. Where do you get your information, were you an actor? Someone said that on your IMDB profile you used to be an extra and that you are lying about your sources. Also how much are you charging for your website? I have only read your site a few times. Thanks for not printing my name. Dear Anonymous: I"m not going to out my sources or, for that matter, mount a CSI-inspired defence of my blind items. Believe what you want to believe. The only thing I"ll say is this - go through my archives. In the highly speculative world of celebrity gossip, I think my track record speaks for itself. As for my IMDB profile - I don"t have one. I have never been an actor, or an aspiring actor, or an extra. I"ve never even been a waitress! OK, maybe I have bussed tables at my parents" "chicken balls and egg rolls" Chinese restaurant, but that doesn"t count…does it? I am regular citizen, working at a regular job in non profit as a professional fundraiser for homeless kids. Perhaps one day, US Weekly will call me and I can make gossip a career. Until then, I"m just an internet gossip hack. The confusion however comes from the fact that there is an Asian actress named Elaine Lui who dabbles in what I like to call "Kung Fu Porn." I"m sure she lives a delightful life and I"m sure she"s a lovely person. But she is not me. No matter how much I wish it. The thing is - just as there are many "Jennifer Johnsons" out there in the world…there are also just as many Elaine or Lainey Lui"s. For every 100 Lindsay Thompsons there are also 100 Amy Wongs or Connie Kims or Winnie Chungs. The point is - my people are plentiful. After all, Asians love to multiply. And sometimes we don"t get very creative with our naming. Which is why if I ever have a kid - high unlikely - I am so totally calling her Polish Lotus Flower, representing both my husband"s Eastern European roots and my own Asian ones. Finally - I don"t know who told you I was charging for my website but I"m totally free and easy, baby. So here"s the question: who"s the unreliable gossipmonger?? Me? Or some of the deranged blind item board members/Jennifer Aniston fans on that message board you go to???