I was thinking about the Winona/Gwenyth falling out and that got me a reminiscing to the glory days of "Winona Forever" so I was curious....What happened between Winona and Johnny? Dear Lauren, A question for the ages. Many people claim they know, but no one really knows (despite their protestations to the contrary). I have heard it all. Some say it was addiction that drove them apart, some say it was because her handlers thought he was a bad influence, others say she cheated on him with that nasty grunge fart Dave Pirner, and a few even say Johnny abused her - which I categorically do NOT believe. So while I don"t know exactly what it was, I can tell you what I THINK it was…which is actually a pretty boring answer. I think she was too young. Like Gwyneth and Brad. I don’t think she knew what she wanted and she was afraid of settling down. She"s also a rather damaged soul and being thrust into the spotlight as the result of such a high profile relationship probably didn"t help her state of mind. In my heart of hearts though, it will always be Johnny and Winona forever, as illustrated so beautifully by this classic photo. Enjoy.