I love going dancing on Gay Biker Chic Night. Leather chaps, tight taut bums staring back at you on a riser gyrating with abandon – one of life’s great pleasures.

But Gay Biker Chic has an expiration date. And it’s either full throttle or it’s not at all. Meaning you can’t half ass Gay Biker Chic. You can’t do Gay Biker Chic without the cut-out buttocks and without admitting you’re a ‘Mo.

So when an Old Queen gets older and keeps one foot inside the closet of the Church the result is, of course, John Travolta.

Here at the premiere of Wild Hogs in London. It hit number 1 at the box office in North America…is good taste dying in the UK as well? Does the MiniVan Majority extend overseas?

No…seriously… who is buying this sh-t? Look at him. Look at him!!!

Bitch… please!!!