Pimping kids for publicity and profit – the new sales strategy in Hollywood and it looks like the Travoltas are the latest to hop on the bandwagon. Here they are from a couple of nights ago at the premiere of Wild Hogs – I cannot for the life of me understand why the brilliant William H Macy accepted this script…I mean is he poor??? Sorry I digress. Check out John and Kelly and Ella Bleu (great name – love the name) trying their bestest to forget the masseur. Something tells me someone was given a stern talking-to recently, an order to get his manly man back in a straight line. Which is why the leather and the motorcycle and the proof of hetero fertilization is now being trumpeted so conveniently. As for that infamous Oscar dress – you know which one, don’t you? The Animal? The Worst Animal? The eye-raping atrocity that was Kelly Preston on Sunday night? Many of you have emailed following the couple’s explanation that John had chosen that dress for her a while ago and they waited together for the perfect opportunity to debut it, and the sheer hideousness of it has thrown some for a loop…because how could any self respecting ‘Mo make that kind of style decision??? Easy. This is what happens to a Repressed Gay. A Gay who has been forced to put away his flash, to hide his feather boa underneath a bushel. And without proper nurturing, without the benefit and support of other members in the Community, without enough exposure to the Gay Way, this alleged Gay has clearly lost his sparkle. Sigh. Sadness. Tragic. Source