First - let me just say that I ADORE Uncle Jesse. I think he"s handsome and he looks like a nice guy and he"s just b-list enough to be a very good candidate for Jennifer Aniston, as soon as Vince Vaughn wakes up and retrieves his sense of humour. And this is not the first time I"ve made such a suggestion.Way back, I even photoshopped the attached image, thanks to a brilliant idea from Tricia, who was astute enough to recognise how perfect Jen and John would be for each other. Having said that, there is something wrong with John here, at the Escada event this weekend. Image via Saving Face. I can"t put my finger on it. Could it be the cheesy come hither expression? Or the way he"s trying much, much too hard to look "dope" at 42? Is it the stink of desperation that"s clouding his features? I don"t know. I can"t decide. But whatever it is, it ain"t workin". And I am praying for John. Because at the end of the day, he"s a good guy. He probably loves sunsets too. And long quiet walks along the beach, discussing tanning methods and whether or not California lemons are more effective at suppressing the appetite than Florida lemons. In essence, he is the Aniston soul mate. They would complete each other. Please Goddess, please do your good work. And please make it right.